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Concetti robotic palletizer stacking bags on pallets.

Automated robotic palletizers offer a range of benefits including preventing employee injuries, increasing production capacity and improving the quality and stability of your pallets. Concetti manufactures a range of automatic palletizer machines to stack bags and boxes, place bags or bundles into boxes or depalletize stacked pallets.

The innovative Concetti hybrid-robotic palletizer combines the flexibility of a robotic palletizer to stack any layer pattern and overlap bags with the layer squaring and layer compression features of a high-level palletizer, making it an ideal choice for those looking for high speed palletizing with the highest quality pallet stack available.

These robotic palletizer machines can be configured to fit into compact installations or with full automation including automatic pallet dispensers, slip sheet placers and automated pallet accumulation conveyors.

robotic palletizers

     Multi-line robotic case and carton palletizer.Robotic palletizer machines provide automation and flexibility in a compact package. Robotic palletizers can stack many different products, produce any pallet pattern and overlap bags. Robotic palletizer machines can be configured for simple, single pallet applications or with full automation to palletize products from several bagging lines to one or more pallets.


hybrid-robotic palletizer

Concetti's innovative hybrid-robotic palletizer with pallet dispenser and sheet dispenser.

Concetti manufactures an innovative four-column palletizer, the original hybrid-robotic palletizer, combining the flexibility of a traditional robotic palletizer with the speed and perfect pallet shape of a high-level palletizer machine. It is the ultimate combination of high-speed palletizing and the highest quality pallet stack available.  See why customers choose this model 10:1 over other robotic palletizer machines.

high-level Palletizer

High-speed, high-level palletizing machine stacking bags.

High-level or push-type palletizer machines provide unmatched speed, up to 50 bags per minute, with extremely square and flat layers producing stable and perfectly square pallet loads. High-level robotic palletizer machines are well suited for almost any type of bag and can also stack bales. High-level palletizer machines are also very simple, requiring very little maintenance.

Low-level palletizer

Concetti low-level palletizer

Low-level robotic palletizer machines work well in applications requiring medium speeds, up to 900 bags per hour, and like high-level palletizers, utilize layer squaring plates and layer top compression to produce stable and perfectly square pallet loads.


case palletizers

Palletizing robot stacking boxes onto pallets.

Robotic case palletizer machines stack cases and cartons onto pallets and pre-formed trays. These systems can be equipped with vacuum and servo-adjusted end tooling to place the product, slip sheets and interlayer sheets. Automated carton formers can be integrated upstream for a truly automated carton palletizing system.

bag-in-box palletizers

Automated Concetti bag-in-box palletizing system

The automate Gantry palletizer machine is extremely flexible and requires very little floor space. This robotic bag palletizer machine can stack a wide range of products including bags, boxes, trays and bundles and can also place products into pre-made display cartons or shipping boxes. The compact footprint makes it well suited for tight spaces.


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