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Jog Conveyor Dryers

Jog conveyor dryer by Bratney.

Jog Conveyor Fluidized Bed Dryers were designed to work in conjunction with the coating, treating, pelletizing and weight gain systems typically associated with the seed treatment process.

Featuring multiple drying chambers and different options for a heat source, these systems are designed with versatility in mind. The operator can control each section's temperature, airflow and overall, the capacity and retention time can be controlled to ensure the most thorough effect, and do so in a very gentle manner. 

With an option to install a screen section, oversized and undersized materials can be removed prior to further handling. Thus, a very uniform product is produced.


Jog Conveyor Dryer


Cimbria jog conveyor dryer.                    

Cimbria Jog Conveyor Dryer


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