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Purposes & and Principles of Operation

Jog conveyor dryer by Bratney.

Jog Conveyor Dryers (JCD) are mainly used after the coating process to prevent wet kernels from clumping together during bagging off. Due to the very gentle handling of the sensible product inside the machine, there is no danger of abrasion on the coating layer.

Wet product (yellow), coming from the coating machine, is fed to the inlet bin of the JCD. The product passes the feed regulation slide and enters the drying section, where warm air (red) is blown through the product layer from underneath. Moist air is aspirated from the top (blue) and led to a de-dusting plant. The amount of aspirated air is app. 10% higher than the warm air amount, thus creating an under pressure inside the machine, preventing any exit of dust. The airflow through the product on the drying grid (= perforated sheet) creates a fluidized bed. By means of the frequency-controlled eccentric drive, the product is conveyed towards the finished product outlet (green). There is a possibility to install a screening section with two screen layers at the end of the machine, to screen out over- and undersized material (orange). This screening section is mainly used when running pelleted or encrusted seed, as well as weight gained kernels, mainly to remove clumps of kernels and grit.

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Machine Range

The Jog Conveyor Dryer JCD is available in 2 different widths, 625 and 1.250 mm. The number of drying-, cooling and screening sections is flexible but should not exceed the maximum amount of 8 sections (6 drying-/ cooling sections, 2 screening sections)

Warm Air Supply

Warm air must be supplied to the dryer by fans with adequate pressure (~ 1.000 Pa). All conventional heat sources (Gas, Oil, Steam, Solid fuel) are suitable for the JCD operation. Depending on customer requirements and availability of heat sources, Cimbria Heid is able to engineer a tailor-made solution. Special attention should also be paid to expensive heat processing. The usage of energy-saving and recovery systems is also extremely important to our valued customers. 

To protect the germination capacity of the sensible seed, warm air temperature is limited to max. 45°C. Temperature sensors in the warm air supply guaranty compliance with the adjustable temperature limit. In case of exceeding this limit, the integrated process control unit will shut down or decrease the heating equipment (depending on composition).

Example for heat sources

Oil stove to produce hot water or steam

Radiators for indirect heating (heat source: hot water or steam)

Line gas burner for direct heating

Usage of existing warm air from other parts of the plant


Feeding device

To assure constant feeding of the JCD, pre-bins and feeding devices are used (mainly electromagnetic feeders). For heavily flowing or bridging products (e.g. grass seed) we are also able to supply dosing belts.

Eccentric drive

The shaking movement produced by the eccentric drive enables a gentle and uniform flow of seed through the dryer. The integrated dynamical counterbalancing system prevents vibration to the steel platform or building.

Drying grid

The drying zones are covered with perforated sheets, which are easily extricable from the side of the machine for cleaning purposes. Depending on granulate- sizes of the specific product to be dried, the screen perforations are evaluated individually to prevent plugging or for small particles from falling through.

Screening section

On-demand, the JCD can be equipped with a screening section after the drying-/cooling zones. This section includes 2 screen layers, arranged above each other as top and bottom screens. This is used for the removal of oversized (clumped kernels) and undersized (grit, dust) particles. A permanent screen cleaning system by means of the well-established rubber ball boxes keeps the screen free of plugging automatically during the process.


For cleaning or supervision purposes, the aspiration hoods on top of the drying sections can be opened easily, giving excellent access to the whole drying grid. A frequent change of product variety is, therefore, no problem.

Ease of use

All regulation slides, screen- clamping, and speed regulation of the drive are positioned outside the machine. Therefore, operators are not forced to get in contact with parts contaminated by the coating agent.

Our Jog Conveyor Dryers operate worldwide

A large number of worldwide patents justify high research and development expenditure and indicate the high technological standards of our plants and machines. All over the world, the products of Bratney Companies are bought and successfully operated: some 98% of our production is exported. And as a member of the Bratney Companies has access to a global network of highly qualified partners offering permanent support to customers and their plants.

Jog Conveyor Dryer Data Sheet

The jog conveyor has a modular construction and can be used for conveying, cleaning, and drying grain (for example, coated or dressed materials) and similar products.

The jog conveyor works by the action of the eccentric shaft which, via connecting rods, causes the conveyor to move backward and forwards, which results in the movement of the material via the coiled suspension units. The jog conveyor transports material solely and empties the material at the outlet/outlets.

In order to facilitate cleaning processes, the machine is constructed with a screen system.

It is designed with heating sections and screening sections. Each of the heating sections is supplied separately with warm air, by using heaters and blowers below the JCD. Each screening section is consisting of 2 screens, the top screen for the overflow, the bottom screen for the dust, with a connection spout DM120mm for aspiration.

The main drive is a 4 kW – squirrel cage motor (standard 3/PE 400V 50Hz). The operation of the drive must be by frequency inverter (not included with the JCD). 

An adjustable feeding gate at the inlet to the deck determines the thickness of the layer on the deck of the JCD.

Technical data

Type JCD 1250

6+2 6+2 6+2
Motor (standard) kW 4 4 4
Air requirement m³/h 42.000 35.000 21.000
Dimensions mm
Net weight kg 3300 2700 2100
Dynamic loading at 6 Hz N
+/- 300
+/- 1200
+/- 250
+/- 1000
+/- 170
+/- 650

Technical data can vary for certain of the above due to too continued development or a different machine composition.

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