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Image of one of the many Bratney process engineering systems.

At the heart of any agricultural processing project is the finished product. Whether it’s flour, coffee, hybrid seed corn, steam rolled oats, pelleted hops, sweet feed, edible beans, rice, nuts, or just about any food, seed, grain or feed in between, Bratney Companies can design your process.

Experience gained from more than 55 years designing processing plants gives us a significant advantage. We’re experts in processing dry flowable goods and we understand that each seed and grain has unique requirements that start at receiving and remain all the way thru packaging. Another benefit of our experience is a consultative approach to your project. Bratney’s engineers will listen to your requirements and design to them, but they will also share ideas to improve the project ROI and facility revenue, giving you the information to make decisions and the confidence that the finished process will be efficient, cost-effective and designed exactly for your application.

Complete the form below or give us a call today at 844-272-8639 – our engineers are ready to assist with the following areas of your project.

  • Process Design

  • Process Improvement

  • Process Flow Diagrams

  • Process Equipment Design, Selection and Procurement

  • 3D Modeling and 2D Drawings - SolidWorks and AutoCAD

  • Plant Automation and Control Systems

  • Supplementary Processes

  • Design-build Construction (Visit our Construction Page to learn more)

  • Millwright Services (Visit our Millwrights Page to learn more)

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