Edible Bean Processing Plant

When an edible bean producer from the upper Midwest found themselves with a new opportunity to expand their business by growing and processing food grade soybeans, they turned to Bratney to handle the project. The volume they anticipated warranted the construction of a new processing and packaging line on a green field site. 

Project Background

Bratney’s process engineers worked side-by-side with the owner to develop a conditioning line that segregated different soybean varieties to prevent cross contamination. Careful consideration was given to proper access points for each bin, elevator and piece of soybean conditioning equipment ensuring total clean out between varieties. 

Being a food grade plant, both gentle product handling and specific sampling points to meet FDA and FGIS standards were critical to the success of the project. Bratney used a combination of let down ladders, continuous cup elevators and a thoughtful process flow that minimized the handling points to ensure a high-quality and safe finished product. 

The plant includes a 4,000 bushel per hour enclosed receiving lane, 400 bushel per hour processing tower, packaging building, warehouse, and offices. Despite challenging weather conditions throughout winter and an unusually wet spring, Bratney’s millwright team delivered the plant on time to meet customer’s production plan.

Project Scope

  • process engineering

  • facility design

  • project management

  • millwright services

  • equipment selection

  • equipment installation

  • control specifications and sequencing

  • facility startup and commissioning

  • operator training

Project Details

  • processing and packaging line design and general arrangement drawings illustrating building size and location on a green field site

  • 4,000 bushel per hour enclosed receiving, sampling and bulk load out building attached to main processing building

  • receiving pit integrated into truck scale allowing efficient weigh in and weigh out

  • processing tower for up to 400 bushel per hour of edible soybeans and rye

  • external storage bins with let down ladders, aeration and ability to load out trucks without re-elevating out of spec product

  • internal storage bins to hold finished product for inspection and certification by the USGA - bins feed any combination of bulk load out system, bulk bagging system or open mouth bagging system

  • pneumatic finished product transfer for gentle handling

  • warehouse with packaging area and interior offices

  • in-floor heat in processing and packaging plant

  • filtered air from processing and packaging area returned to the building to maintain comfortable working temperatures

  • despite weather delays from challenging winter conditions and a wet spring the project was completed on time

  • screenings and off grade product could be stored separately to optimize the value of these by products

  • real-time weighing on bulk truck load out – highly efficient and accurate process kept the truck in one location and allowed weight ticket to be printed on demand

Equipment Solutions

  • Heavy duty vibratory conveyor gently conveys fragile product at receiving

  • Gentle handling bucket and continuous cup elevators

  • Inline, multi-pass aspirator to remove foreign material at receiving, prior to storage

  • Let down ladders in each storage and surge bin

  • Cimbria Precision Cleaner

  • Installation of customer provided destoner and shape separation equipment

  • Multi lane vibratory conveyor used to transfer product from one machine to the next

  • Cimbria color sorters
  • Fully automated packaging and palletizing system

  • All conveyors and elevators supplied with access and cleanout features to ensure no cross contamination

  • Dust control system

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