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Exploring the Latest Milling Technologies for Flour Production

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In the realm of food processing, innovation is a driving force shaping the future of the industry. At Bratney, we understand the significance of staying ahead of the curve, which is why we've forged strategic partnerships with industry leaders like Omas, BoMill, and Concetti. These partnerships allow us to offer cutting-edge solutions as a provider and installer of flour milling and packaging technologies, empowering businesses to leverage the highest quality equipment in order to thrive.

Flour Milling Equipment by Omas and BoMill

Omas is renowned for its expertise in designing turnkey flour mills, emphasizing greater milling flexibility and quality. The Omas equipment proudly offered by Bratney, including direct drive roller mills and optional direct drive for other essential equipment like plansifters, dusters, scourers, and sterilizers, brings significant advancements to flour milling operations. 

Proudly offered by Bratney, including direct drive roller mills and optional direct drive configurations for other essential equipment like plansifters, dusters, scourers, and sterilizers, brings significant advancements to flour milling operations.

These innovations can improve operational efficiency by reducing energy consumption and maintenance requirements compared to traditional belt-driven systems. The direct drive design eliminates the need for belts and pulleys, leading to more efficient use of power and less wear and tear on components.

BoMill Insight introduces a game-changing protein sorting machine. This technology holds the potential to significantly enhance flour milling production efficiency by precisely sorting wheat based on protein content, creating a more homogenous and uniform wheat supply.

Integrating the BoMill Insight into the milling process can help ensure consistency and quality in the final flour product. By separating individual kernels according to protein content, millers can optimize the blending process to produce more uniform and consistent flour while maximizing efficiencies throughout the mill. . This can be beneficial for meeting today’s high-quality standards.

The combination of Omas’ milling equipment and BoMill’s sorting technology represents advancements in the flour milling industry. By offering these solutions, Bratney aims to help millers improve operational efficiency and enhance product quality.


Integration of Equipment by Bratney

Bratney plays a pivotal role in integrating these advanced technologies from Omas and BoMill into both new and existing flour processing facilities. Our expertise lies in seamlessly combining equipment from these manufacturers, ensuring optimal performance and maximum efficiency.

Whether it's upgrading an existing facility or setting up a new one from scratch, Bratney's solutions provide the flexibility and adaptability necessary for modern flour milling operations.


Packaging Technologies

In addition to flour milling equipment, Bratney offers comprehensive packaging solutions to complete the production cycle. Through our collaboration with Concetti, we provide and install state-of-the-art packaging equipment designed to meet the diverse needs of the industry.

From bagging scales and feeders to form-fill-seal baggers and palletizers, our packaging solutions emphasize automation, efficiency, and quality assurance.

The packaging technologies offered by Bratney can be incredibly beneficial for streamlining and automating packaging operations. By implementing these advanced systems, flour mills and food manufacturers can save time and resources while ensuring consistency and precision in packaging.

Bratney’s range of Concetti packaging technologies can help make handling and packaging dry goods and edible products more efficient and reliable, meeting the demands of modern production environments.


Pioneering Progress in the Food Industry

Bratney's partnerships with Omas, BoMill, and Concetti represent our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in the food industry. By offering advancements in flour milling and packaging technologies, we empower businesses to thrive in a competitive market landscape. 

Whether it's enhancing milling operations or optimizing packaging processes, Bratney provides the competitive advantage and value that businesses need to succeed. Contact us today to discover how Bratney can elevate your flour milling operations to new heights.