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Schule Enhances Quality & Efficiency in Oat, Rice, & Specialty Milling

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A leading producer of machinery for oat, rice, and specialty milling, Schule has been providing quality milling equipment since 1892. By partnering with this innovative company, Bratney is able to provide our customers with more productive and energy-efficient milling solutions that take advantage of longstanding industry knowledge as well as the latest technological advances. Built on a foundation of providing equipment for the oat and rice industries, Schule now also serves suppliers of specialty products like quinoa, legumes, barley, sunflowers and oilseeds.

Quality and efficiency are critical in the milling industry. From hulling and sorting to polishing, cutting, and drying, each stage of the process has an important impact on the final product as well as a facility’s overall efficiency. Millers need equipment that completes these tasks efficiently, minimizing waste and optimizing productivity, while also delivering safe, attractive, and highly marketable food products. Schule equipment is designed to be versatile, durable, and energy efficient, providing reliably high quality output while enhancing productivity.


Hullers & Shellers

Several different hulling and shelling machines are available, and each is best suited for processing certain types of materials.

  • Schule’s rubber roll sheller is ideal for rice. Its sturdy but gentle design and adjustable speeds allow for careful shelling of all rice varieties at high capacities.
  • Their impact huller provides long service life and is able to hull large capacities of products like oats, hemp, spelt, einkorn and sunflower seeds with minimal kernel breakage.
  • Schule’s cylindrical sheller and conical sheller are well suited for pulses and cereals like beans, lentils, , barley, rye, millet and milo. In addition to gently removing hulls, these shellers can also pearl grain surfaces thanks to adjustable intensity settings.


Sorters & Separators

Schule offers a variety of sorters and separators to meet producers’ specific needs. Their high capacity husk separator provides a high degree of separation among light, medium, and heavy fractions. The table separator, invented by Friedrich Herman Schule in 1892, remains unsurpassed in its precision to separate hulled from unhulled product, remove foreign seeds, and sort out insect-damaged cereal grains.


Whitening & Polishing

Whitening and polishing machines remove bran and other undesirable material from rice, oats, legumes, and wheat.


Cutting & Flaking

Schule’s drum groat cutter uses changeable drums that are perforated with precision-drilled holes to accommodate the type of grain being processed. It’s capable of producing superior uniformity at high capacities while using little power and producing minimal waste. Knives and drums can be quickly changed out, significantly reducing maintenance time to keep your operation humming along. Flaking mills form moistened and heated grains into a specific size and thickness. Schule’s flaking roller mill is built for longevity and easy maintenance with cast steel flaking rollers and easy access to parts.


Fluidized Bed Dryer

Constructed entirely of stainless steel, Schule’s fluidized bed dryer uses oscillation and a steady flow of hot or cool air to gently create a uniformly dry product. The dryer can be adjusted to achieve the desired moisture content and is available in three sizes to serve a wide range of operations. A large inspection opening makes the machine easy to clean and maintain.

Bratney is proud to partner with Schule to provide top quality products for rice, oat, and specialty milling operations. Their dedication to producing durable, efficient, easy-to-maintain machinery supports our clients’ bottom lines, and their commitment to quality and safety helps to build and maintain outstanding brand reputations. To learn more about optimizing your agricultural processing operation, see the Bratney blog.