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Maximizing Operational Efficiency with Reliable Bulk Handling Equipment

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Efficiency is critical in industrial processes. Efficiency empowers operations to reduce costs and waste while enhancing quality, safety, and profitability. For operations that handle bulk materials, efficient operation requires smooth, seamless transportation and handling of bulk goods from one place to another. For this reason, reliable machinery is key to meeting efficiency goals.


What makes bulk handling equipment reliable?

When selecting bulk handling equipment, remember that efficiency means much more than operational speed. Reliable equipment requires minimal maintenance and downtime, is energy efficient, has a long lifespan, maintains product quality, and keeps workers safe. Ensuring that your equipment meets these standards will enhance overall efficiency in many ways, including

  • Increased labor productivity
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Optimized sales through reliably high quality products
  • Increased customer loyalty
  • Prevention of unnecessary workers compensation claims or lawsuits
  • Support for high worker morale, which leads to reduced turnover and training costs

Unreliable equipment, on the other hand, puts your operation at constant risk. Unexpected downtime and repair costs, damaged or contaminated products, and even costly lawsuits from injured workers or consumers can devastate a company’s bottom line.


How can I improve efficiency in bulk handling processes?

It’s important to work with process engineers when setting up your bulk materials handling processes or assessing them for optimization. They can help ensure the process flows as seamlessly as possible and select equipment that’s best suited to your application, keeping in mind material types, capacity requirements, and the layout of your facility. They can also help you understand how to collect and analyze machine data to identify potential areas of improvement.

Additionally, it’s critical to ensure your team and your equipment are set up for success. Implement training programs that ensure machine operators know how to keep materials flowing safely and efficiently. When your team knows how to troubleshoot problems, perform routine maintenance tasks, and quickly determine when additional support is needed, they’re better able to keep your operation up and running smoothly.

To optimize equipment operation, create protocols to ensure all equipment is properly maintained. Be sure to include

  • Regular inspections for signs of wear or damage
  • Machine lubrication
  • Regular cleaning of machines and the surrounding environment
  • Regular checks of conveyor alignment and tension, adjusting as needed
  • Process for employees to report problems or suggestions for optimization

When developing these protocols, follow the maintenance guidance provided by the original equipment manufacturer, and ensure all work is performed by trained and qualified personnel.


Selecting Reliable Bulk Handling Equipment

Bratney is an experienced builder of processing facilities and has developed an in-depth understanding of the specific material handling needs of facilities that process seeds, grains, food, and feed. We’ve developed strong partnerships with leading manufacturers of bulk handling equipment to offer an array of top quality machinery to meet these needs.

  • Our selection of elevators and conveyors allow for easy, quick, and efficient transportation of bulk materials.
  • Cimbria Moduflex loading chutes minimize dust and waste while enhancing safety and process efficiency.
  • Our bulk bag-filling systems allow for faster, more efficient packaging.
  • We offer a selection of drying systems to meet a range of needs:
    • Cimbria continuous flow dryers are easily customizable for various materials, capacities, and temperatures.
    • Cimbria Eco-Master dryers utilize an energy-saving design to deliver high quality performance with a lighter environmental footprint.
    • Bratney’s single-pass reversing ear corn dryer uses industry-leading automation to enhance quality, precision, and performance.
  • Bratney designs and implements custom dust control systems for the projects we complete to protect plant and operator safety.


Bratney provides innovative process design, engineering, construction, and equipment selection for processors of seeds, grains, and other agricultural products. Our process engineers can work with you to maximize productivity, quality, and safety. Explore our services or, for more insight on how to optimize your operations, browse our blog.