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Continuous Cup Elevators

Continuous cup elevator.

These type of elevators combine horizontal and vertical conveying into the same machine and widely known for their gentle handling of seeds, edible products, pet food, pasta, snack foods and other fragile materials. The ability to have multiple outlets and complete clean-out is also a significant value these type of systems offer.

There are multiple options for configuration ranging from horizontal only, to an S configuration, to a C configuration to a Z configuration. These can be built to virtually accommodate almost any need with capacity ranges from 175 up to 6,800 cubic feet per hour.

FDA approved buckets are standard and the frame can be supplied in painted carbon steel or stainless steel and can be either of tubular or solid wall design. Optional vibratory or gravity type feeders are available to allow a consistent and efficient means to load each cup to capacity. 


          Continuous cup elevator system illustration.                                




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