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Mobile Test Lab

Bratney Companies mobile demonstration trailer for seed cleaning, color sorting and milling machines. 

Mobile Sample Testing and Equipment Demonstration

The Bratney Road Show is ready to visit your plant with our mobile test lab. The trailer can be equipped with many of the latest equipment technologies for grain and seed cleaning, color sorting, coating and milling. Our process engineers will study your samples, develop the most effective process flow for your application and most importantly, verify that flow with real-world tests using your product samples to accurately define the full-scale production expectations for your plant. The best part, it all happens right at your front door!

Sample testing is the first step in determining the value of new processing equipment or a new process flow for your plant. Let us show you what our experience, equipment and innovation can do. Complete the contact form below to schedule your on-site testing today! 

equipment types

Examples of the seed and grain processing equipment we're able to bring to your facility are listed below, but that doesn't mean if you're interested to see something else we can't do it. Fill out the contact form with a few details about your processing project and equipment needs and we'll do what we can to get a machine ready for demo at your plant or in one of our three regional test facilities.

  • Air screen cleaners

  • Color sorters (optical sorters)

  • Seed treaters / seed coaters

  • Drum groat cutters

  • Roller mills

  • Impact huller

  • Intensive wheat sterilizer

Regional Test Facilities

Bratney also has three regional seed and grain test facilities (Iowa, North Dakota & California) available to test your products and demonstrate machine capability. Check out our regional test facilities here.


PLEASE COMPLETE THE FORM BELOW to schedule your on-site testing today!

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